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Our class-leading analytics provide access to real-time information on key metrics. These tools allow us to predict enrollment, support flagging students, benchmark performance against best practices,and manage the overall success of programs.


Marketing & Enrollment

Recruiting isn’t just about finding more students—it’s about finding the right students in ways that enhance your reputation. We work with you to use segmented data and cutting-edge technology to help you efficiently target students who will thrive at your school and counsel them through the admissions process. We also work with you to shape incoming classes. Want more students from the Midwest? Eager to improve diversity in your online MBA program? We’re on it. Because we’re focused on satisfying your needs instead of our shareholders’ profit demands, we can focus first on meeting your goals.

Instructional Design

A great course is more than a bunch of asynchronous modules stitched together; we bring together teams with deep experience in creating the narrative arc of an excellent course, using rich media content that is modular, adaptive, collaborative, and compelling. Instructional design teams collaborate with faculty to curate, build, and iterate courses continually (based upon new research, leveraging new technology) so that your students get the most out of your program. And, we work with faculty to help them make the transition from a campus-based to an online classroom.

Counseling & Support

Nothing can make online tools more useless than technical glitches. Student support starts with 16 hours of phone and Web-based tech support, seven days a week. But students need more than that; they need counselors informed by metrics, advice as they pick their courses, and guidance about whether to slow down or accelerate their studies. Many programs craft formal instruction to fit into real-world experiences like student teaching—online programs make it that much easier. We’ll ensure students are placed in the most effective clinical programs and student immersions, enhancing community building along the way.


Online programs place new burdens on your career placement offices; students are located around the world, and they’re looking for jobs at companies that don’t know your school or its reputation. With our partners, we’ll provide support for internship and job searches and closely track outcomes.


No matter which entity manages specific tasks toward growing enrollments, Noodle Partners provides an underlying technology bus—employing open standards—that seamlessly integrates different systems to ensure a logical, user-friendly approach to gathering and analyzing data.