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Noodle is a Program Manager- whether a university degree program is online, on-campus, or both. We’ll work with you to build it to be seamless for students and faculty.


Noodle can either supervise your teams and providers or integrate with and improve the experience you currently provide your students and faculty.


We serve as your day-to-day program manager—ensuring providers are fulfilling their roles, that we’re meeting the goals set forth in the program, and that students are receiving an education that honors your brand.

Our class-leading analytics provide unfettered access to timely information and the metrics you need to actively oversee the success of your programs and to benchmark performance against not only internal goals, but also best practices.


Given the $10 billion invested in ed tech in the past 10 years, organizations and firms have begun specializing in dozens of subfields. So rather than building new technology or creating services ourselves, we identify superior tech and tech-enabled partners and work with them—and the university’s own systems and people—to build an integrated, open, elegant ecosystem.


We’re disrupting the traditional OPM model of long-term contracts and tuition revenue shares. Instead, our model is built on the egalitarian notion that most universities have in-house talent that can be deployed or re-purposed, thereby reducing the amount of services we have to provide (e.g., instructional design). Our agile approach offers the choice–use what you’ve got, or let us bring best-of-breed experts.

By contrast, traditional OPMs force universities into a one-size-fits-all box that’s never the right size. In addition to the onerous revenue share and unnecessarily long contract lengths, they withhold key analytics to infantilize universities and basically force contract renewals. Too-long contracts often outlive the viable life of a given degree, leaving universities stuck with programs that are become uncompetitive–or even obsolete–in the face of new competitors.